FSSAI Registration

Food Safety Standards Authority of India


The Food Safety Standards Act was passed on 23rd August, 2006, by the parliament. The Government of India on notification set a body known as the Food Safety Standards Authority of India that formulated the Food Safety Standards Regulations (FSSR), 2011 that came in to effect from the 5th of August, 2011. The Ministry of Health & Welfare governs the Food Safety Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). FSSAI governs all food business operators in the country & has entrusted the powers at various levels to other designated authorities like the FDA to speed the process of granting registration or licenses. With the law coming into effect last year, it becomes absolutely mandatory for every food business operator to register themselves under FSSAI or acquire a license.

The Food Safety Standards Act integrates all of the following

  • Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, 1954.
  • Fruit Products Order, 1955.
  • Meat & Food Products Order, 1973.
  • Vegetable Oil Products (Control) Order, 1947.
  • Edible Oils Packaging (Regulation), 1988.
  • Solvent Extracted Oil, Deoiled Meal & Edible Flour (Control) Order, 1967.
  • Milk & Milk Products Order, 1992.
  • Any order under essential commodities Act, 1955 (10 of 1955) relating to food.


Three categories are defined by FSSAI.

If the turnover of the firm is less than 12 lakhs per annum or their daily production capacity is less than 100 kg per day then you are eligible for this category of registration.

If turnover of your firm is more than 12 lakhs and upto 20 crores and daily production capacity is upto 2 MT per day then you fall under this category.

If turnover of your firm is more than 20 and production capacity is more than 2 MT then you fall under this central category. If you are into import or export of food products then you have to opt Central license of FSSAI irrespective of turnover or production capacity of unit.

The Standard Weights & Measures Act, 1976 is however, not covered under the FSS Act. Any food business operator that fails to comply with the conditions will have their license suspended or cancelled without a refund of fee. The maximum punishment for violating the regulations is a fine of Rs. 10 lacs & 3 yrs imprisonment. The validity of the license may be anywhere from 1-5 yrs from the date of registration along with periodic inspections as & when ordered by the authority. Every FBO whose annual turnover is below 12 lacs you definitely need to register where as if annual turnover is above 12 lacs the FBO needs to get a license. Every FBO must also file returns with respect to the class of food products handled by him for the previous year.

What is FSSAI?

FSSAI - Food Safety and Standards Authority of India is an independent body established under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. The FSSAI has been established under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 which is a uniting statute identified with food safety and regulation in India. It is an organization that screens and governs the food business in India. FSSAI License is responsible for protecting and advancing general health through the regulation and supervision of food safety.

FSSAI License Consultant

FSSAI License or FSSAI Registration is obligatory before starting any food business. FSSAI Registration is required for all food related businesses, for example, manufacturers, dealers, restaurants, small diners, grocery shop, importers, exporters, locally established food businesses, dairy ranches, processors, retailers, e-rears. Who are engaged with food business must obtain a 14-digit registration Number or a Food license number which must be imprinted on food bundles or Displayed in Premises.

Food Business operator

According to Section 31(1) of FSS Act, 2006 each Food Business Operator in the nation is required to be licensed under the Food Safety &Standards Authority of India. The licensing and registration method and requirements are regulated by Food Safety and Standards (Licensing and Registration of food Business) Regulations, 2011

Food license consultant

Food License is conceded after a total examination by DO, quality checks of the food. The endorsed checks keep away from any instances of defilement, substandard products and furthermore improve responsibility of the manufacturers.

Under FSSAI License allowing technique, the Standards and guidelines for food, the strategy for the accreditation of affirmation bodies occupied with Food Regulation likewise frames an important part. Proper preparing is likewise provided. Food experiences checks under the different research centers.

FSSAI Authority additionally bolsters logical, specialized assistance and promotion to the government while encircling the approaches. FSSAI Authorities get the important pertinent information and worries from an alternate office. In like manner, changes are made in Food related laws as well.

What is a FSSAI License Number?

Each food business operator needs to apply for FSSAI license in India, after FSSAI registration the Food business is provided with a 14 digit license number which must be showcased in the reason A Food.

Article 31 of FSS Act, 2006

As indicated by FSS (Food Safety and Standards Licensing/Registration of Food Businesses) Regulations, 2009, any individual envious to initiate or continue any food business will make a use for the award of a FSSAI License to the Officer alongside charges Under Article 31 of FSS Act, 2006.

Who requires a Food License?

Each Food Business Operator is required to be licensed/registered under the FSSAI. FSSAI Registration is required by small businesses like vendors, petty retailers, and so forth whose yearly turnover is under Rs.12 lakhs every year. All food businesses surpassing this yearly turnover breaking point of Rs 12 lakhs for every year require a FSSAI License.

Who all are requiring obtaining food license?

Food License is required for all Food Business Operators including all manufacturer, Re-Packer, dealer, retailer, wholesaler, provider, Transporters, importer and exporter and so on.

For what reason should register for FSSAI?

FSSAI registration or food license is required at the absolute first stage when you go into the food business. Regardless of whether you are preparing or repacking or simply shipping the food, all organizations must require obtaining the food license under FSSAI. The target behind the FSSAI registration/food license is to make accessible safe, unadulterated, healthy and nutritious food to the consumers

Documents required for obtaining food license

The application for FSSAI License in the endorsed group alongside identity and address proof of the advertisers, proof of ownership of the premises where the food business is attempted and the substance's joining declaration or registration authentication must be submitted. If there should arise an occurrence of food manufactures or processors, extra data, for example, rundown of hardware, design of the unit, class of foods manufactured, and so forth., perhaps required.

FSSAI registration consultant

FSSAI registration is just registration of food business in FSSAI office. Along these lines, registration endorsement of FSSAI will be given without physical visit of food overseer. Division will provide testament for 1 to 5 years legitimacy and before expiry of legitimacy of authentication fbo's have to reestablish declaration before multi month of expiration. After start of a month ago, office will charge punishment of 100 rupees for each day till recording of restoration. When last date of legitimacy gone, FBO's have to apply crisp application to proceed with food business

FSSAI license consultant Mumbai

All the manufacturers, merchants, restaurants who are engaged with food business must obtain a license. We are one of the main FSSAI license consultants in Mumbai India. Under the harsh supervision of dexterous work force, we help your business obtain FSSAI Registration or License rapidly and bother free.

FSSAI Basic license

The FBO like small food industries and furthermore the small-sized food industries, stockpiling units, transporters, retailers, advertisers, wholesalers and so on are along these lines required to obtain the FSSAI Registration. The FSSAI Registration is anyway given by the State Government. Contingent on the qualification, a FBO would thus be able to fall under the State or Registration license. It is along these lines for the most part for the units having a yearly income which is up to 12 lakh. The most extreme residency of this license is 5 years and the minimum is 1 year.

FSSAI state license consultant

FSSAI state license is required for the food Business with yearly turnover between Rs. 12 Lac - Rs. 20 Cr. moreover or yearly. As far as possible is same for a FSSAI State Manufacturing license or FSSAI State exchanging license.

FSSAI central license consultant

Food business operators, for example, the Importers, 100% Export Oriented Units, enormous manufacturers, operators in the Central Government offices, air terminals, seaports and so on are anyway required to obtain a Central Food License. The Central license is given by the Central Government. Moreover, FBOs need to obtain the Central License for their head office, and in the event that they have operations in more than 1 state. It is in this manner for the most part for the units who are having a yearly turnover which is more prominent than 20 crores. The greatest residency of this license is 5 years and the minimum is 1 year.

Central and state License

FSSAI State License and FSSAI Central License are given to food businesses dependent on their size whether it is a medium scale or enormous scope. Normally, huge manufacturers, exporters, importers, and so forth obtain Central License while moderate sized elements like transporters, dealers, and so on need State License.

Procedure for Obtaining FSSAI Registration

FSSAI registration is started by submitting Form An (application) to food and safety office.

This application can be acknowledged or it might be dismissed by the Department inside 7 days from the application date and the fact must be insinuated to the applicant recorded as a hard copy

In the event that the application is acknowledged, at that point the division will give a registration certificate with the registration number and the photograph of the applicant.

FBO should conspicuously show the certificate of registration at the spot of business during the business hours.

The Prevention of food adulteration

The Prevention of Food Adulteration Act was recently redesignd. The progressions made to the strategies and law inside have made the quality of food in the nation far better than before. FSSAI guarantees that each provider of food in India meets these thorough standards and the consumer gains admittance to the best quality. FSSAI creates the food everybody eats in India safer. They ensure that the health of the client isn't influenced because of carelessness in standards.

Extra documents for FSSAI Registration

Plan of the processing unit/Blueprint

Subtleties of Machinery and Equipment

Subtleties of Food Categories

Report of water Pesticide buildups

Individual Nomination by the Company

Letter of Authority

Instructions to Apply for FSSAI Registration online Procedure:

For License - FBO's are required to have a legitimate individual email ID and Mobile Number which should be kept active.

For Registration - FBO's are required to have a substantial individual email ID OR Mobile Number

The name of the FBO should be spelt effectively in the application as it appears in the License.

On effective accommodation of application, the framework will produce a one of a kind Reference Id for the application.

Remove a print from the "Acknowledgement" and "Online Application Form" and append the Demand Draft for the expense

Renewal of FSSAI License Online

All food businesses operate under the principles and regulations characterize under FSSAI Act 2006. Obtaining FSSAI license is must for each food business operator. However, lion's share of populace doesn’t have the foggiest idea about that getting FSSAI License renewal is similarly important as that of getting FSSAI license. It is important to complete FSSAI license renewal inside stipulated timespan. Regardless of whether you are a processing unit or manufacturing unit or food bundling or conveying unit as an entrepreneur it is basic for you to obtain FSSAI license alongside its renewal in each 1-5 years.

MPCB Registration Consultant

MPCB being a significant regulator for implementation of environmental Laws and pollution control in the State, assumes an important job in securing sustainable advancement by authorizing different laws, rules, regulations notices and so forth relating to prevention and control of pollution. It is likewise liable for checking of pollution and for preventive and remedial action.


MPCB's job has become multi-disciplinary consisting order and control, Regulator, Facilitator, organization Consultant and advice to all the business partners. Checking and reconnaissance has been one of the important elements of the Board. Besides that by spread of data on Environment Protection and Training to all Stake holders, production of Awareness become one of the important capacity of the Board u/s 17 of both the Water (P&CP) and the Air (P&CP) Act, 1981 separately.

Remediation or restoration process

MPCB is likewise expected to start remediation or restoration process by imposing remediation cost and punishment with the approval of the CPCB under the arrangements of the Hazardous Waste (Management, Handling and Transboundary Movement) rules, 2008. MPCB is additionally enabled to complete certain critical works, as are inside its bound.

MPCB online registration

MPCB is an independent statutory body. In certain administrative and specialized issues, it is dependable to State Government, Central Pollution Control Board and Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt. of India. In basic issues, it will undoubtedly pass by the bearings given by the State Government, CPCB or MoEF by and large.

FSSAI logo products

The buyer prefers any food product that has the FSSAI logo since it creates a sentiment of generosity. The purchaser believes that provider of the product and accepts that it will be of predominant quality, healthier variant and consistent with all standards.

Proficient FSSAI License consultant Mumbai

For any business that is in the food sector or considering entering it, the requirement for a FFSAI license is essential. Being registered with FSSAI underpins the expansion of the business. It procures for you numerous positives. From a decent name to steadfast consumers, there is a perpetual rundown of advantages you gain. The guidance is to consistently procure proficient consultants like us to finish the registration process.

FSSAI License registration documents

There are certain documents which are required at the hour of FSSAI Registration. These are the accompanying:

Aadhar Card

Skillet Card

Photo (Passport Size)

Water bill or Electricity bill or Gas Bill

IEC Code (for central license)

CA revelation (if the turnover is up to 18/19 crores)

Advantages of Food License registration

  • FSSAI office deal with cleanliness of foods with FSSAI certificate. In this way, Customer consistently prefers FSSAI approved foods or restaurant.
  • FSSAI registration certificate consistently give expansion trust an incentive in B2B Food Business.
  • FSSAI Registration is online at this point.
  • Create certificate of FSSAI online and get on registered email id.

FSSAI License Consultant

All Food Business Operators, including medical stores, must obtain FSSAI License/Registration.  Once their documents have been verified and the application scrutinized, the department issues them a certificate.

Food businesses operating without the appropriate license may incur severe fines.  Holding one brings numerous advantages to any organization; increasing consumer trust, promoting your brand name, expanding business operations and building customer loyalty are just a few examples.

Preparation of Documents

FSSAI licensure assures buyers that your food product meets Food Safety and Standards Authority of India standards.  Holding this certificate has numerous advantages for your business.  You'll create a solid brand image and gain reliable clients.  And establish yourself as a credible player in your market.  Therefore, hiring an expert FSSAI license consultant to complete the registration process is vital.

The process for an FSSAI certificate begins with filling out a request form.  An applicant should include all the pertinent details - their full name, address, phone number, and email address should all be filled out correctly.  Depending on their type of business and its requirements, they may also need copies of documents such as business licenses, certificates of origin or invoices as proof of business activity.

After submitting their application, Food Business Operators will receive a 14-digit FSSAI food number which must be displayed prominently on all packaging.  Subsequently, their company can begin operation.  Additionally, they must ensure all employees receive proper training before commencing business operations.  The FSSAI website contains helpful resources for both new and established food businesses.

Attracting an FSSAI license is vital to every food business.  This authority oversees that all producers meet strict quality standards and reduce adulteration of foodstuffs.  It guarantees consumer health and safety and promotes awareness about related food issues.

Know the differences between food licenses.  Your type of food license depends on your business size and annual revenue.  For instance, small food manufacturing businesses only need a basic FSSAI license.  At the same time, larger enterprises will need Central or State FSSAI approval.

Food industry competitors face stiff competition.  Businesses invest heavily in marketing and branding to attract customers.  It's leading to increased sales and profits.  Furthermore, having the FSSAI logo on the food brands helps boost customer credibility.  And FSSAI regulations must be studied closely to avoid costly fines for industry players.

Preparation of Fssai License Application

FSSAI license is a 14-digit number required of food business operators by law to display on their food packages.  This number allows food business operators to track compliance with regulations.  Which helps ensure safe food for consumers while decreasing adulteration or substandard products.  Furthermore, this license helps identify companies that do not adhere to regulatory standards so that penalties may be levied accordingly.

Various FSSAI licenses depend on the size and nature of your business.  A basic license, for instance, is mandatory for companies with annual turnover up to Rs 12 lakh.  And can be easily applied for online via Form A on the FSSAI website and payment via credit/debit card.  Once submitted, a government inspector will visit your premises to inspect your paperwork and facilities.  If everything checks out smoothly, you should receive your license within one to two weeks.

Once your FSSAI application has been submitted, a unique reference number will allow you to track its status.  Use it on FoSCoS' website to monitor the progress of your application or check back with FSSAI for amendments or clarification.

When applying for an FSSAI license, various documents must be provided as proof.  These include a detailed product and ingredient description, lists of raw materials you intend to use, and copies of relevant certificates.  You will also need a food safety management plan and pesticide residual report submitted.

We can assist with FSSAI license registration in Muri by providing all the necessary paperwork.  Our experienced team can ensure your application is filed correctly.  And can offer primary, state, or central FSSAI licenses at competitive rates and within your schedule.  Our fees are affordable and accommodating, so don't delay!

Preparation of Fssai Certificate

Fssai Registration or Food License is mandatory for businesses involved with the production, distribution, processing, conversion, preparation, preservation, transport certification and packaging of foodstuffs.  The size and nature of their business determine the type of license issued.  This 14-digit unique number will appear on all products they produce.  And provide information such as state code, year of enrolment, and registrar code serial number of their operator.

Before applying for a Fssai license, it is necessary to gather the required documents.  And complete an online application form.  After submitting, a reference number will be generated, which allows you to monitor the progress of your application - make sure to note down or take a printout of this number so you can stay up-to-date on its status as you submit the form while keeping a copy for future reference as well.

Once your documents have been submitted for scanning and submission, a Fssai inspector will review them to ensure they meet the requirements.  If any discrepancies exist, they will notify you and suggest ways of rectifying them.  Once approved, you will receive your Fssai certificate, which should be displayed prominently within your business.

Fssai certificates are valid for five years and must be renewed on time to keep running your business without issues or incurring fines and penalties.  Failure to do so could incur substantial fines and penalties, making continuing operations costly and cumbersome.

Fssai Certificate is proof that your food is safe to eat.  A requirement for all food businesses, it can be easily obtained through the Fssai website with its straightforward application process, and you should receive your required documents in less than 24 hours.  Cost varies based on category and type of business, with fees divided between government fees and professional preparation services being the major components.

Preparation of Fssai Renewal Application

Fssai renewal applications are required of all food business operators (FBOs) to avoid penalties.  Registering and licensing renewal is crucial in maintaining compliance with rules, regulations and guidelines while strengthening consumer trust.  The Fssai renewal process should be straightforward, provided you follow all necessary steps and documents.

Once a professional has prepared your application, it must be submitted to FSSAI along with all supporting documentation.  Typically this process should take no more than one week; however, it's essential to be mindful that different forms and requirements may need to be fulfilled, or additional information from you be requested, such as product lists or details on production processes.

Once submitted, an FSSAI officer will evaluate it.  They will inspect your premises to check that all information and documents declared are true and correct; once this has been confirmed, they will approve your application.

You will receive a notification if the government accepts your Fssai License Application.  Once this notification has been sent out, renewing your Fssai license can be easily accomplished online by visiting the FSSAI website and selecting "Renewal of License/Registration", followed by Form B, which allows you to select how long you would like to renew for and your preferred payment method.

To renew your Fssai license, it is necessary to present all necessary documents:

These documents include an address verification letter from your landlord, pictures of both owners and partners, proof of ownership for your business (rent agreement, electricity bill, sale deed) as well as an authorized signatory's declaration stating that all standards have been adhered to in conducting your business in compliance with Indian laws and standards.  Although applying for FSSAI can be quick and straightforward, approval can take between six weeks and six months before approval can be given.

Final words

FSSAI License Consultant is your strong safeguarding you from fear of FSSAI. To obtain the better Expertise, Hire India's best FSSAI Consultant Now!

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