Maharashtra Pollution Control Board

Know about MPCB

Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) is implementing various environmental legislations in the state of Maharashtra, mainly including Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974, Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981, Water (Cess) Act, 1977 and some of the provisions under Environmental (Protection) Act, 1986 and the rules framed there under like, Biomedical Waste (M&H) Rules, 1998, Hazardous Waste (M&H) Rules, 2000, Municipal Solid Waste Rules, 2000 etc. MPCB is functioning under the administrative control of Environment Department of Government of Maharashtra.

Important Functions of MPCB

  • To plan comprehensive program for the prevention, control or abatement of pollution and secure executions thereof,
  • To collect and disseminate information relating to pollution and the prevention, control or abatement thereof,
  • To inspect sewage or trade effluent treatment and disposal facilities, and air pollution control systems and to review plans, specification or any other data relating to the treatment plants, disposal systems and air pollution control systems in connection with the consent granted, Supporting and encouraging the developments in the fields of pollution control, waste recycle reuse, eco-friendly practices etc.
  • To educate and guide the entrepreneurs in improving environment by suggesting appropriate pollution control technologies and techniques
  • Edible Oils Packaging (Regulation), 1988.
  • Solvent Extracted Oil, Deoiled Meal & Edible Flour (Control) Order, 1967.
  • Creation of public awareness about the clean and healthy environment and attending the public complaints regarding pollution.
  • License or Consent certificate


License or Consent certificate

Under the provisions of these Acts, an entrepreneur running or establishing any industry or process, and discharging effluent/emitting pollutants into any water resources or on land/air and polluting thereby the environmental water/air is required to obtain consent, which needs to obtained in two phases;

This consent is to be obtained prior to establishing any industry or process.

Once the industry or process plant is established along the required pollution control systems, the entrepreneur is required to obtain consent to operate the unit. This consent is given for a particular period, which needs to be renewed regularly.

We provide consultancy to get pollution control license or certificate from Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB).

MPCB Act Consultation

Maharashtra Pollution Control Board was established on seventh September, 1970 under the arrangements of Maharashtra Prevention of Water Pollution Act, 1969. The Water (P&CP) Act, 1974 that is a focal legislation was received in Maharashtra on 01/06/1981 and as needs be Maharashtra Pollution Control Board was shaped under the arrangements of area 4 of Water (P& CP) Act, 1974.

MPCB air Pollution control Consultant

The Air (P&CP) Act 1981 was received in the Maharashtra in1983 and at first, a few territories were proclaimed as Air Pollution Control Area on 02/05/1983. The whole territory of Maharashtra has been announced as Air Pollution Control Area since 06/11/1996. The Board is likewise working as the State Board under segment 5 of the Air (P&CP) Act, 1981.

What MPCB Consent Certificate?

MPCB Consent Certificate is pollution certificate gave by Maharashtra Pollution control board under the arrangements of Water (P and CP) Act, 1974 and Air (P and CP) Act, 1981.

MPCB online registration

Any industry, operation or process or an augmentation and The clinical establishments who release, stores, Handling, transport substances like Poisonous gases, waste water, Noise or some other waste which hurts/Pollute condition, they have need to take endorsement from Pollution control board.

MPCB Online Application

As of late MPCB have begun another procedure by which a company can fill and present their consent to Establish, operate or renewal of existing consent online.

By utilizing this website you can fill MPCB online application structure, yet ensure that you have beneath referenced documents helpful before beginning to apply MPCB consent online

  • SSI registration copy
  • Email ID and PAN card of Company.
  • Company Name and address

Role of MPCB

  • Supporting and empowering the improvements in the fields of pollution control, waste reuse, eco-accommodating practices and so on.
  • To instruct and manage the entrepreneurs in improving condition by proposing fitting pollution control advancements and systems.
  • Creation of public awareness about the perfect and healthy condition and going to the public complaints with respect to pollution.
  • To plan comprehensive program for the prevention, control or reduction of pollution and secure executions thereof,
  • To gather and disperse information identifying with pollution and the prevention, control or decrease thereof,
  • To examine sewage or exchange emanating treatment and removal offices, and air pollution control frameworks and to audit plans, determination or some other information identifying with the treatment plants, removal frameworks and air pollution control frameworks regarding the consent in truth,

For Registration with MPCB Consultant or online application

  • Name of the company
  • Name of the company proprietor/Authorized Person
  • Designation
  • Email id
  • Contact Number
  • Industry Name (M/s.):
  • PAN CARD Number
  • Detail rundown of Planning authority
  • Permission (Name of the arranging authority)
  • Quantity and Quality of Solid and Hazardous waste produced from process and it's removal practice.
  • Industry Registration No
  • Name and Address of executives with telephone numbers

Documents Required for MPCB Registration

  • Application Form For the Consent
  • DD For the statuary Fees Amounted DD No Bank
  • lease Agreement copy with proprietor and 7/12 Copy(for Non MIDC)
  • MIDC agreement and ownership receipt(for MIDC)
  • grampanchayat NOC copy in name of Company(for Non MIDC)
  • Final drawing copy of factory and design copy
  • Declaration for the speculation By Chartered bookkeeper (Format connected)
  • water spending implies input water, utilizes, applications, misfortunes, reused, Effluent(format joined)
  • Manufacturing procedure of every item in detail.
  • Process stream graphs
  • SSI Registration Copy or IEM registrations Copy
  • O.A. Copy
  • List of Raw Material With month to month or yearly consumption
  • List of manufacturing Products with month to month or revoke amount
  • Details of the Generators or boilers(Capacity, Fuel type and amount)
  • Details of the Stack and the chimney(Height, Portol Diameter )
  • Details of Hazardous/Non Hazardous waste Type of waste, Quantity and subtleties of removal
  • Details of ETP/STP Process and plan outline
  • Details of Paint stall if there.

Information to be submitted for MPCB Registration

  • Site plan/record
  • Topographical Map
  • Detailed design plant of different procedures and point wellsprings of profluent release/outflows and position of stack and documents including D.G. set limit in KVA.
  • Process stream sheet.
  • Details of Water Pollution Control/Air Pollution Control gadgets proposed to be given.
  • Ambient Air Quality Report (if accessible)
  • SSI Certificate/NOC from Directorate of Industries Government of Maharashtra.
  • G.T.D. Registration. (on the off chance that applicable )
  • Details of compound reactions with mass equalization.
  • Consent expenses as D.D. drawn on favor of MPCB.
  • Local body NOC.
  • Under taking on Rs. 20 stamp paper or Chartered Accountant certificate about proposed Capital Investment ( Land, building, and hardware.

Who are required to take MPCB Consent Certificate?

  • Manufacturing Entities
  • Health care Establishments
  • Traders
  • E-waste Management substances.
  • Solid waste Management substances
  • Hazardous Waste Management substances
  • Battery Waste Management substances
  • Plastic Waste Management substances
  • Bio-Medical Waste Management substances

Why MPCB certificate is significant

  • For the establishment of any new or to continue as existing industries
  • For the new or change in Electricity association
  • For new or change in Water association
  • For getting a license or renewal from Municipal Authority
  • For Obtaining a License or renewal from police/Eating House License
  • For Obtaining Noc from Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA)
  • For Obtaining NOC from the Fire Department
  • For Obtaining license for International Trade

Objectives of Maharashtra Pollution Board Committee (MPCB)

  • Compliance-MPCB set out certain rules for industries and Health care establishment to diminish condition Pollutant in Maharashtra.
  • Consumer awareness: - pollution can be decreased by awareness, for example, by persuading overall population to utilize CFL, Paper Bags, and public vehicle and not to utilize fireworks.
  • Waste Management-Effective Waste Management is an incredible source to secure the earth.
  • Prevention: - Prevention of common assets.
  • Sustainable Development:- Sustainable advancement is a wide idea that adjusts the requirement for monetary development with natural security and social value.

Validity of MPCB Consent Order:

Consent to Established (CTE) and Consent to Operate (CTO) under Orange classification will be given for most extreme five years and in the Green classification will be given for greatest ten years. After the specific period, it is subject for renewal. Any business substance undergoing change in business activity, expansion and so on is required to petition for crisp consent/CTO from Maharastra Pollution Control Committee.

MPCB legislations

  • Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974
  • Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981
  • Water (Cess) Act, 1977
  • Provisions of Environmental (Protection) Act, 1986 and rules made thereunder

Who Has To Obtain Consent Of Pollution Control Board?

Any person running or establishing any industry or process, and releasing profluent/discharging pollutants into any water assets or causing air or water pollution is required to get the consent of the Board. For rapid removal of authorization/consent applications, delegation of forces to the sub-Regional Officer/Regional Officer/part secretary and committee is finished.

Establishing Industry

Any person who wishes to acquire the consent of the Board for establishing any industry is required to move an application alongside supporting documents to the favoring authority relying on the class and interest where the industry falls.

Inspection by the Board

Under the arrangements of different ecological legislation, the field officer from the Pollution Control Board has been doled out the obligation of doing an inspection of the industries to fulfill itself with respect to the emanation of exchange gushing and other release from the industry/unit and their treatment. Giving of Directions to the occupier of the industry for prevention, control, and reduction of pollution. Such inspection will be done by the field officer by pulling out to the occupier of the industry and within the sight of the concerned person. Field officer will check control measures for wastes and how their treatment, removal is being directed. He will likewise check the operational status of the pollution control framework. He can likewise recommend additional estimates that can be adjusted to diminish pollution and to improve the treatability of wastes.

Establishing new manufacturing company

Establishing new manufacturing company is a major test itself for entrepreneur. It likewise requires numerous approvals for example Consent to operate (CTO Approval) and Consent to establish (CTE Approval) from government authorities. Whenever required rules not followed properly for getting approval from government then circumstance may become troublesome.

MPCB consent

Each manufacturing company needs to take fundamental approvals from pollution control boards (PCB). Getting consent for example NOC from PCB is exceptionally repetitive procedure, in the event that all standards and guidelines followed properly, at that point one can get consent inside one month.

Sorts of consent

There are four sorts of consents for example improved consent (pollution free SSI), Green Consent, Orange consent and Red Consent. The validity of NOC is for the one year. NOC ought to be renewed on the off chance that the unit isn't commissioned by, at that point. On the off chance that renewal isn't requested inside the validity period, at that point crisp application must be made to the pollution control Board.

MPCB Consent to Operate and Renewal:

This kind of consent must acquire before beginning actual creation in the wake of getting NOC from pollution control board. In MPCB Consent to establish method Major Documents required are Detailed plant Layout, Air, water clamor and Soil Sampling and Analysis reports, Copy of previous consent, SSI certificate Maharashtra and so forth it tends to be gotten for 1 year to 5 years.

Consent to Establish

This consent is to be gotten preceding establishing any industry or procedure.

Consent to Operate

When the industry or procedure plant is established along the required pollution control frameworks, the entrepreneur is required to acquire consent to operate the unit. This consent is given for a specific period, which should be renewed normally.

Documents required for consent to operate (CTO)

As of late MPCB have begun another procedure by which a company can fill and present their consent to Establish, operate or renewal of existing consent online.

Ensure that you have underneath referenced documents convenient before beginning to apply MPCB consent online

  • SSI registration copy
  • Email ID and PAN card of Company.
  • Company Name and address

Consent to Operate under Water and Air Act

The validity of Consent to Establish is for the one year. Consent to Establish ought to be renewed in the event that the unit isn't commissioned by, at that point. In the event that renewal isn't gotten inside the validity period crisp application must be made to the pollution control Board.

MPCB Renewal of Consent to Operate (RC2O)

  • Preparation of Application
  • Evaluate existing Consent to Operate
  • Analysis of the Case
  • Filing of Case with MPCB
  • Obtain Renewed Consent to Operate

MPCB Consent to Operate (C2O)

This consent should be taken before actual commencement of creation including preliminary creation. This consent is valid for certain length which should be renewed.

  • Preparation of Application
  • Evaluate existing Consent to Establish
  • Analysis of the Case
  • Filing of Case with MPCB
  • Obtain Consent to Operate

MPCB Consent to Establish (C2E)

All the industries and activities requiring consent must acquire consent to establish before actual commencement of the works for establishing the industry/activity.

  • Preparation of Application
  • Classification of Industry (Red/Orange/Green)
  • Analysis of the Case
  • Filing of Case with MPCB
  • Obtain Consent to Establishment


PCB Permission registration

For each manufacturing company it is obligatory to take permission from Maharashtra Pollution control board (PCB) before establishing plant just as before operating. PCB control the pollution made by each company likewise they check how much pollution you are going to make to condition through air, water, soil, clamor and so forth.

Auto renewal

Auto renewal of consent is applicable for a wide range of industries (Red, Orange, green) which includes of accommodation of self-certifications of ecological guidelines. Auto renewal is permitted dependent upon certain conditions. For example, there ought not to be increment in capital venture over 10%. On the off chance that it is over 10% ten it ought to be for foundation improvement, clean innovation, pollution control framework and better creation the executives and so on. There ought to be no expansion underway of pollution load. In any case company needs to present a new MPCB application.

Experience MPCB online registration

We have 15 years' experience in getting consent to Establish, Consent to operate and Consent to Renewal. We deal with Tasks like Preparation application Consent structure, Submission of application for consent to operate and consent for establishment, Required Sampling investigation reports and Follow up with Pollution control board to acquire consent.

Maharashtra Pollution Control Board Consent

Entrepreneurs planning to set up or change their activities, expand, or diversify their business must obtain an MPCB NOC. Getting one is relatively straightforward - complete a detailed application form before proceeding with any plans.

This document must include details of your proposed establishment and a legal document from a chartered accountant regarding capital investment.

The MPCB functions under the administrative control of the Environment Department of the Government of Maharashtra.

The Maharashtra Pollution Control Board oversees various environmental laws within Maharashtra state. As a government body, this organization performs various tasks related to pollution control, monitoring, enforcement and consultancy to industries and healthcare establishments on increasing efficiency while decreasing pollution emissions. Furthermore, MPCB works towards raising public awareness regarding a healthy environment while handling public complaints about pollution.

As part of their environmental permitting requirements, any industry or process that releases pollutants into the environment must obtain approval from the Minnesota Pollutant Control Board (MPCB). This involves going through an inspection process wherein MPCB assesses whether all relevant standards have been met by their business. Should any deficiencies in their application arise, MPCB may only accept consent.

Consent to Establish and Operate are two certificates issued by this authority. The former is required of anyone seeking to establish an industrial unit in Maharashtra, while the latter allows businesses operating within certain regulatory limits to operate their businesses freely. Furthermore, MPCB monitors pollution levels within units and advises businesses on ways to limit environmental degradation.

Entrepreneurs wishing to obtain MPCB consent must complete an online application form with specific questions about themselves and their businesses. They then need to submit all requisite documents and pay any applicable fees; when this process has been completed, an inspector will visit and inspect everything from waste removal measures and pollution control frameworks to safety requirements such as health & safety compliance measures and waste removal plans.

Once the MPCB has conducted their inspection, it will inform the entrepreneur of any violations or faults they find during their visit and provide necessary instructions and advice on how to remedy them. Once satisfied that everything has been corrected satisfactorily, they will issue a Consent to Establish that will last one year but should be renewed as needed.

MPCB maintains close ties with State Government, CPCB and MoEF on critical matters. Furthermore, its scientists and engineers conduct environmental impact studies and work towards mitigating them.

It plans and executes extensive programs for the reduction or control of pollution.

Establishments discharging industrial effluent into water, air or land require approval from the Municipal Pollutant Control Board (MPCB), a government body responsible for monitoring compliance with pollution legislation. Based on business entities' category and level of emissions released, they grant NOCs (no objection certificates). Furthermore, MPCB educates entrepreneurs in improving environmental performance using appropriate technologies and techniques while raising public awareness regarding maintaining clean and healthy environments and dealing with pollution-related complaints.

MPCB's primary role is to develop comprehensive pollution abatement or control programs. Inspect treatment facilities for trade effluent, air pollution control systems and any related systems as part of consent granted for plants, disposal systems or air pollution controls; review plans or specifications related to such systems as part of consent granted. Encourage waste recycling reuse programs and eco-friendly practices and review any plans, specifications or any data related to it that have been filed with it, as well as review any necessary plans/specifications/data submitted related to consent granted plants/systems etc. Additionally, they support development initiatives that promote development within their respective industries or sectors and monitor and regulate them accordingly.

MPCB plays an essential role in protecting air, water and land environments by monitoring industrial activities to avoid the emission of pollution into them. This includes controlling emissions of hazardous chemicals such as lead paint and other dangerous materials into our ecosystem. They enforce environmental laws through inspections, data collection and analysis, and educating their constituents about this topic.

The Municipal Pollutant Control Board (MPCB) has organized industries into emissions, wastewater discharge, and resource consumption categories. By categorizing industries into red, orange and green categories based on emissions, wastewater discharge and resource consumption rates, MPCB can easily monitor and regulate industrial pollution across each country region. Furthermore, each industry category has been assigned an individual Pollution Index Index rating from MPCB.

Applicants must submit the Common Application Form with all pertinent details about their proposed industrial activity, including their identification number, tax identification number (TIN), Udyog Aadhar number and location details. Furthermore, applicants should provide estimated total project costs and financing arrangements; other vital documents include details on water usage, wastewater treatment plant operating costs and pollution control measures that must be implemented for their project.

It inspects sewage or trade effluent treatment and disposal facilities.

Industries or processes that discharge sewage or trade effluent into the environment or cause air pollution must obtain approval from the MPCB before operating or discharging waste into it. Applicants must apply along with an undertaking, detailed project report, and cost estimate to be considered by them for approval. During an inspection of an application submitted for approval by an applicant, MPCB will evaluate if it complies with environmental standards, failing which the application could either be rejected outright or require amendment.

Field officers conduct MPCB inspections at every plant site, where plans, specifications, or any other data related to treatment plants, disposal systems, air pollution control systems or worker safety and health are reviewed by inspectors. They also verify compliance with regulations as part of this effort to enforce pollution prevention while upholding high water quality supplies.

The MPCB's primary goals are to reduce pollution in streams and rivers, improve water quality for human consumption, promote waste recycle reuse programs and eco-friendly practices, and raise public awareness regarding clean environments while responding to public complaints regarding pollution.

MPCB has simplified the application process by creating a web portal that enables users to file online applications for consents and statutory reports, track the status in real-time and request documents from MPCB, and receive renewal notifications via SMS or email.

Before beginning new businesses or expanding existing ones in Maharashtra, applicants should secure an MPCB NOC (No Objection Certificate). The Maharashtra Pollution Control Board issues this document to operate businesses and processes within this state, and it must be renewed occasionally.

Trimurti Group provides MPCB consultation services designed to help companies obtain a NOC faster and with fewer errors. To assist businesses, these NOCs should be renewed annually, and any issues addressed immediately by Trimurti. These NOC services help companies obtain their MPCB NOC.

It supports and encourages developments in pollution control.

The MPCB plays an essential role in pollution control by educating entrepreneurs on environmentally friendly practices such as waste recycling and reuse, eco-friendly processes and other green initiatives that reduce air pollution while making our environment more sustainable. Furthermore, they promote and enforce environmental standards and laws throughout Maharashtra State, with 25 regional offices in their jurisdiction and a central office based out of Mumbai to carry out these functions effectively.

Any industry, operation or process discharging sewage or trade effluent into waterways or releasing air pollution must obtain an MPCB permit. Terms and conditions will depend upon the pollution released into the atmosphere from their business activity; for instance, a CTO can last up to five years, while consent to establish will last only temporarily.

MPCB recently unveiled their Star Rating programme to let citizens view pollution readings from industrial smoke stacks nearby. Anyone visiting their website and searching for industries in their vicinity can easily find this information. Star Rating allows residents and local governments to act quickly against polluting industries. At the same time, businesses may discover inefficiencies within their systems or discover opportunities for improvements, like installing new technology solutions.

MPCB's Star Rating Program is a pioneering step toward making Maharashtra cleaner and healthier, serving as an example for other states to follow and improve air quality. Furthermore, this initiative raises public awareness of environmental issues while inspiring businesses to reduce pollution.

Submitting a detailed project report detailing all aspects of their proposed endeavour and supporting documents is necessary to gain MPCB consent for new, ongoing or renewal projects. Once reviewed, MPCB will assess its environmental impacts before issuing a no objection certificate (NOC). To apply for MPCB NOC, use either an online application form or visit their nearest office location.

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